Claim that Sicilian woman critical after contracting Covid-19 in Malta ‘fake news’

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

News that a young Sicilian woman ended up in intensive care after returning from a Malta holiday and Covid-19 has been described as fake news, following an investigation carried out by two Italian senators.

According to the reports, including one by the Giornale di Sicilia, the woman had ended up at the Cervello Hospital in Palermo.

But the news aroused the suspicion of senators Lello Ciampolillo and Carlo Martelli, who followed the matter up with the health authorities. Both senators are aligned with the Italian government.

They were informed that the hospital in question had no Covid-19 patients in intensive care.

Ciampolillo insisted that the government should see to it that such fake news on the Covid-19 pandemic is not disseminated.

He also argued that people were getting a mistaken impression of Malta, imagining sick people everywhere you look and even people dying on the streets. But Malta similarly had a relatively small proportion of patients needing hospital care.

Sicily has recently imposed a 14-day quarantine on arrivals from Malta, Greece and Spain amid concerns that returning holidaymakers were contributing to the spread of Covid-19.

A number of cases have been linked to Malta, including a cluster in Canicattini Bagni, leading the town’s mayor to decry the apparent lack of precautions being taken in Paceville.

Italy has itself imposed mandatory swab tests on Malta arrivals.

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