Young man invents glasses to give ‘sight’ to the blind

A young man of just 25 years-of-age has invented a pair of glasses that can help blind people “see” their surroundings.

Cornel Amariei from Romania spoke to in an interview during an event organised by the Junior Chamber International in India explaining exactly how these glasses work. He was recognised as one of the 10 inspirational youths from around the world for 2018.

Amariei said that right now, the only solution in the world to help blind people around their daily lives are guide dogs, of which there are only 20,000 globally. He said that this is a very small number compared to the 40 million visually impaired people around the world.

He explained how the apparatus he designed, along with some others, with the name of Lumen, looks exactly like glasses but does not have the same function. He added that Lumen understands the environment around the person using it, calculated distances, the make-up of surrounding objects, and even movement. He said that this way, even if there is movement, the glasses can let the person know the direction in which the thing will be moving.

Amariei told about how he will never forget how after just a year of testing, he saw a blind person catch a ball and throw it back with the help of his invention.

“I was born in a particular family”

When asked about what inspired him to work on this type of invention, Amariei explained that he was born in a particular family where both his parents have conditions which inhibit bodily movement. He said that his first intention was to find a way to help them.

“When you are born in a family which is different from others you become curious and start asking why your family is different, why your home is different, and that’s when I started learning and learning and this this turned into passion to create it,” he said.

Every year, the Junior Chamber International (JCI) honours 10 people from around the world for their humanitarian work. In 2018 the awards ceremony happened in India where journalists were also present.