Updated: Young man pleads not guilty in arraignment; refused bail


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 24 year old male from Hal Tarxien has allegedly told his arraignment that his cousin had already run over a police officer and therefore he wasn’t going to hesitate in running over two police officers.

This comes as the individual was requested to stop by a number of police officials trying to stop him from driving off.

Information heard in court this afternoon explains that the accused individual, among other things, attempted to injure a police officer. The accused pleaded not guilty.

The man was arrested yesterday on St Joseph High Road in Hamrun after a traffic collision which took place at around 3.15PM. Following this, the accused attempted to drive at a traffic police motorcycle.

The court heard how a police officer approached the car of the accused because he had dark tinted windows. When the accused was asked to come down to the station, the accused refused to cooperate. He is understood to have told the officers that if they wanted to take him to the station, they will have to chase him. This is when the accused is understood to have driven at and hit one of the police officers on his motorcycle. He is then understood to have fled the scene.

The police then made pursuit finally arresting and detaining the accused.

It is claimed that the accused tried to hurt himself in the police lock-up where it is understood that he had also been taken to hospital. The accused was also understood to have caused a commotion between the time of arrest and the arraignment.

The defence asked for bail for the accused while the prosecution rejected on the grounds that this was not the first time the individual had been involved in similar circumstances. They raised a situation only a few days prior where the accused had been fined.

The court therefore refused the bail request determining the accused to not be trustworthy or on the gravity of the case. There are 12 accusations attached to the case.

The prosecution has said that if the accused is found guilty, they should have their licence revoked for as many years as the court deems fit. The car would also be confiscated. The guilty party would also be asked to pay expensives and a protection order would be instituted for the two police officers.

Magistrate Dr Simone Grech oversaw the case.

Young man drives into police motorcycle; to be arraigned today

A 24-year-old from Tarxien is to be arraigned in Court at 3.30pm this afternoon, accused that he allegedly drove his vehicle into a police motorcycle in Ħamrun.

The young man was arrested yesterday after he toppled the motorcycle over, whilst causing grevious injury to a police officer.

Arrest made after man ignores orders; drives into police motorbike in Ħamrun

According to a Police spokesperson, the young man was initially stopped by traffic police officers.