Oħloq Tbissima cures a young girl from serious illness, says marathon organiser

A young girl who needed an urgent and serious operation, was cured after receiving help from St. Paul’s Missionary Society through the funds generated in the Annual charity marathon Oħloq Tbissima. Fr. Louis Mallia MSSP, cited this case when he was speaking with Newsbook.com.mt a few days before the start of the annual fund raising event.

He explained how his order of friars always worked hard to remain close to the people, not only for their spiritual needs, but also, to cater for their material needs.  He also explained that this is one of the several cases through which the marathon Oħloq Tbissima brings a smile to the faces of those in need.

This year, the Order celebrates its 50 years in Peru.  Through their work, many people benefited from schools, churches, kitchens and clinics which were built to serve these communities.