Young DJs given more room to grow

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The application process to organise music events in unlicensed areas has been simplified. Its aim was to let young musicians grow and be successful in this field.

Through amendments to the law, those wishing to organise an entertainment event in an unlicensed place not larger than 750 square meters, are not required to pay a bank guarantee. If the area is larger than 750 square meters, the bank guarantee, which previously amounted to €11,000, will drop to €5,000.

Minister Michael Farrugia, said that these amendments will allow young artists to continue to grow. He explained that the selected noise protection laws are in effect and will be enforced carefully. Noise in the early hours of the morning is not acceptable.

He said that he is making all the necessary contacts with police and lawyers to facilitate this process and ensure the elimination of noise pollution. Thus, it can be determined with concrete certainty, if any event will cause noise in residential areas which exceeding the acceptable limit.