YOUCAT for Kids: ideal Catechism for parents and children

The cpver pf YOUCAT for kids

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith approved YOUCAT for Kids, a resource to engage kids in the Catholic Faith. The publication has a foreword by Pope Francis where he urges parents not to grow tired of asking questions and of telling children about their faith.

YOUCAT for Kids is an introduction to the Catholic faith for kids ages 8-12 years old. The publication is filled with bright colors and drawings, and easy-to-understand answers to tough questions, like: “Why do I exist?” and “Why do some people not believe in God?” The authors of YOUCAT for Kids tested the answers with groups of kids to make sure they understood what was being explained.

Communicate faith

The book not only invites kids and parents to open up conversations about different aspects of the faith, like prayers, creation and the life of Jesus, but it has several quotes and background information on each question posed in YOUCAT for Kids to help parents better communicate the faith or prod their children to think a little more deeply.

While YOUCAT for Kids has all of the much-loved characteristics of the bestselling YOUCAT series — including fun graphics, quotes from Saints and thought-provoking images — they have been adapted to suit a younger audience.

“Thumbing through the YOUCAT for Kids, I encounter the questions that children ask their parents and catechists millions of times,” writes Pope Francis in the foreword. “That is why I think it is just as useful as the great Catechism, where we can find answers to the most important questions in life. … The YOUCAT for Kids is a catechism that is very different from the one I used. It is suitable for children and parents to spend time together in order to discover the love of God more and more.