You are blessing corruption and illegalities – Delia to Muscat

    The PN will support the protests and demonstrations organized by civil society.

    Dr Adrian Delia, leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista, accused Prime Minister Joseph Muscat  of blessing corruption and illegalities by refusing to dismiss Minister Konrad Mizzi and Chief of Staff Keith Schembri. He appealed to the Prime Minister to shoulder his political responsibility while assuring all that the fight against corruption would continue unabated. As a sign of this determination, he announced that the PN will participate in the protest that civil society is organizing Friday evening in Valletta.

    From MIA directly to Pieta

    Delia was being interviewed on Net TV a short while after he chaired an emergency meeting of his Parliamentary group. As soon as the arrest of mogul Yorgen Fenech was announced, Delia cut short his participation in the Congress of the European People’s Party that was being held in Zagreb, Croatia, and returned to Malta.

    Straight for the meeting from the airport, Delia told Nationalists MPs that this was a ‘delicate moment’ but, this notwithstanding, the Prime Minister was duty bound to stop dragging his feet and dismiss Mizzi and Schembri immediately who had links to Yorgen Fenech’s company, 17 Black.

    The Parliamentary Group agreed that the struggle for justice and against corruption should be a total one. The Group agreed that this should be done in tandem with all those who have the common good and national interest at heart.

    You are an accomplice – Delia to Muscat

    Following the meeting, Delia participated in a programme on Net TV.  He said that the Prime Minister’s refusal to dismiss Schembri and Mizzi who opened companies in Panama, makes him an accomplice

    Delia said that had the Prime Minister acted it could have been that Daphne would not have been assassinated.

    Muscat, he said, is protecting people who broke the law and failed the Maltese people. “This country deserves better.”

    “In view of the government’s inaction, we have to move from words to action,” Delia said.

    He said the PM has created a climate where corruption is accepted.