‘You are appreciated!’ children tell their teachers – #TeacherAppreciation

Winner of #TeacherAppreciation campaign announced

Mireille Azzopardi

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

5,700 likes, 1,400 comments and 108 shares. Those were the statistics which made for the winning entry in the Teacher Appreciation Nomination launched for the month of October by Newsbook.com.mt. In a short span of time 66 nominations poured in and the appreciation which those nominating, mainly students, felt for their teachers was truly heart-warming. 

Ms Krista Rizzo was deemed the winner as the post raised by her student Mireille Azzopardi captured thousands of hearts. Mireille was diagnosed with a brain tumour. “I spent 3 months in England and Ms Krista always sent me work. The same work and explanation that my class-friends did in class. She always corrected my work and went out of her way to help me catch up with my friends. She is the best teacher I could have. Thank you Ms Krista for all your support,” wrote Mireille. 

This feeling was echoed in varying degrees in all submissions. Far from the archaic picture of a gaunt being flapping away in a toga and wielding a ruler, teachers were appreciated for the sheer hard work and caring they put into their profession:

“They are parents with families but still find time for other children in their heart”

“She brings lunch for a classmate who has no lunch ever”

“He spends the weekend preparing work”

While the vast majority of nominees were women, the age-groups of the teachers nominated varied considerably, covering the whole work-life span. 

As the Deputy CEO of Beacon Media Petra Borg Urso remarked, “If there was ever the time to appreciate teachers, this year would be it. Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Malta in March 2020, teachers had to navigate through the novelty of distance learning and now adapt to a Covid-19 reality in their classrooms amid rigid safety regulations”. 

The winner will receive a €300 voucher to be spent on stationery from Eduline.