Yorgen reacts to Melvin’s pardon

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The rollercoaster of the current politico-legal-criminal-constitutional crisis seems to know no end. The web becomes complicated with every day, nay hour, that passes.

Newsbook.com.mt Tuesday night broke the story Keith Schembri sent a message to Yorgen Fenech telling him: Don’t grass me and I will help you (Tikxifnix u ngħinek).

The plot took another twist as it transpired earlier Wednesday morning that allegedly Fenech’s medical doctor Dr Adrian Vella is being questioned by the police in relation to Fenech admittance to hospital. Could it be that he was the messenger between Keith and Yorgen?

Newsbook.com.mt also broke the story that Yorgen Fenech had not mentioned the name of Keith Schembri during the first sessions of interrogations with the police. But when he heard of the presidential pardon given to Melvin Theuma, Fenech said that enough is enough and started spilling the beans on several including Keith Schembri.

This revelation radically changed the goalpost. All was now up for grabs, or better still arrest. Everything now was possible: Keith Schembri resigned and so did Konrad Mizzi while Chris Cardona suspended himself.

But the rollercoaster started on Monday 18 when timesofmalta.com broke the story that loan shark Melvin Theuma had been in police custody since the Thursday before and that he had asked for a presidential pardon.

Then Wednesday morning, the big news was that Maltese business tycoon Yorgen Fenech was arrested on a magistrate warrant in relation to the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Fenech was on his way out of the Portomaso Marina on his luxury yacht, allegedly plotting his escape.

The drama continues.