Photos: Yorgen Fenech arrested by the Police

Reactions start pouring in

The Police have arrested Yorgen Fenech, after AFM patrol boats early this morning intercepted his yacht leaving the Portomaso Marina.

Yorgen Fenech is the CEO of the TUMAS Group, part owner of Electrogas. HE is also the owner of 17 Black which according to the accountants of Minister Konrad Mizzi and Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, was to give them monthly instalments amounting to 2 million euros. Both Mizzi and Schembri deny any wrongdoing.

While no statement has yet been issued officially, the operation took place at 5am, less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced that he recommended a pardon for the middleman in the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Fenech’s yacht, the ‘Gio’, left Portomaso marina quietly at around 05:00h but was escorted back to the marina less than 15 min later.

Yorgen Fenech was named during the interrogation of the person currently being considered for the presidential pardon.


Former PN leader and now member of the opposition Simon Busuttil called for the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister Muscat. In a tweet, Busittil said that Muscat’s position was no longer teneble

David Casa, PN MEP tied Fenech’s name to the FIAU report on 17Black, a report which Daphne Caruana Galizia was investigating when she was murdered.

Repubblika, the rule of law NGO called for the immediate resignetion of the Prime Minister.