Yorgen Fenech: “The biggest case ever” – Muscat

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in a comment to select members of the press, to which Newsbook.com.mt was not advised, declined to comments on whether more persons were held for questioning in the early hours of the day. This exclusive information was given by Newsbook.com.mt earlier today.

Yorgen Fenech: Lawyer being investigated, more arrests overnight, developments expected

Muscat said that the police bail was given to suspected businessman Yorgen Fenech because the police needed more time to gather evidence. He clarified that interrogation of a suspect can only happen until arraignment. “The case is arguable the biggest this country has ever seen” said Muscat adding that the interrogations are still going on as well as investigations. Muscat said that the information given by the middleman Melvin Theuma is being analysed minutely.

PM Muscat said that questioning and clarifications are happening with the two persons. “This was not th preferred course of action of the police…but events took over and the police had to take preventive action” said Muscat.

“I do not shelter anyone” – Muscat

PM Muscat confirmed that middleman Theuma admitted himself to hospital but declined further comment on his state of health other than that his condition does not seem grave. Referring to a potential pardon for Fenech, Muscat said that consideration is premature “I do not shelter anyone, added the Prime Minister.

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