YCN discusses COVID-19 crisis and ways forward

The Young Chamber Network (YCN), the Malta Chamber’s dedicated branch for young entrepreneurs has discussed, online, how its members were being affected by the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Young Chamber Network is an exclusive branch of the Malta Chamber dedicated to young entrepreneurs interested in sharing and growing personally as well as on a professional level.

In a statement issued by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, the YCN said that while appreciating the unchartered territory the globe has found itself in, the Young Chamber expected that authorities will by now have a number of scenarios mapped out, on which they will be basing their actions.

While no one is expecting Government to provide solid predictions, businesses would appreciate if the scenarios being developed could be shared with the business community, through the Malta Chamber, explained YCN.

“If we are looking at a worst-case scenario where travel to Malta remains closed for a number of months, so be it. However, businesses will appreciate such information as it will allow them to think outside the box, and actually look for opportunities within this crisis” – stated The Young Chamber Network.

The members of the Young Chamber also discussed issues related to;

  • Government’s assistance to businesses
  • Challenges to secure and mobilise the necessary human resources in certain sectors
  • Keeping human resources in other sectors engaged in learning as the shift from quantity to quality becomes more critical
  • The role of the construction industry and the risks associated with it
  • How life and work practices are changing
  • The progress the country is making in relation to the Moneyval report

The Malta Chamber in the past days has encouraged members not to merely wait out the storm but actually find workable solutions round it.

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