Xarabank scrapped from state broadcaster

Xarabank Peppi Azzopardi

Presenter Peppi Azzopardi has announced on Facebook that the Public Broadcasting Services, PBS, has decided not to air the programme Xarabank anymore.

Nikkonferma li l-PBS waqqaf Xarabank minn fuq l-Istazzjon Nazzjonali. Skont l-aħħar stħarriġ tal-Awtorità tax-Xandir,…

Posted by Peppi Azzopardi on Friday, August 21, 2020

On Facebook Azzopardi wrote that according to the latest Broadcasting Authority survey, Xarabank, after many years, was still the most popular programme aired on the national television station. Peppi Azzopardi also said that the programme , when compared to others on different television stations, was still the most followed.

“Xarabank was never found guilty of impartiality, the programme managed to faise millions of funds for philanthropic organisations and Xarabank won several prestigious honours, from the best current affairs programme award to the best discussion and investigative programme awards,” wrote Azzopardi.

He also thanked the people who along the years formed part of the Xarabank team, the hundreds of people who participated in the programme and the people who for the past 23 years followed Xarabank making it the most popular discussion programme in history.

‘Another attack against free journalism’ – PN

Nationalist Party Therese Comodini Cachia, the party’s spokesperson on the media, expressed serious concern about the decision to cancel Xarabank, describing it as another attack against free journalism.

She said that recent developments in public broadcasting brought a real risk of transforming it into a partisan propaganda tool for the state, where politicians could dictate what people saw and listened.

Comodini Cachia expressed solidarity with the team behind Xarabank and its large audience. On behalf of the party, she also thanked the show’s presenter Peppi Azzopardi for his philanthropic efforts and his commitment to a free press, humane values and freedom of thought.