X Factor: Michela will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest

Gozitan 18-year-old singer Michela Pace won the first edition of X Factor Malta, after finishing finalist with Valletta rapper Owen Leuellen. Earlier, Pace performed with tenor Joseph Calleja. Pace was mentored by producer Howard Keith Debono.

The final show of X Factor Malta kicked off at around 9pm, with the four contestants emerging on stage performing in a mashup.

The first edition of Malta’s X Factor comes to an end on Saturday night, with four participants competing to win the title as well as represent the country in the annual Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Israel.

The four finalists are Nicole Frendo, Michela Pace, Petra and Owen Leuellen. Since the initial Room Auditions up to the final episode, the four artists have been praised.

Petra was the first to kick off the night covering Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me, followed by Nicole Frendo singing Rihanna’s Russian Roulette, followed by an original song by Owen Leuellen, One Day and finally Michela Pace taking the stage with Total Eclipse of the Heart.

After the four contestants took the stage, they then performed with their special guest. Petra performed along with her mentor Ray Williams, Owen Leuellen with Ira Losco, singing Losco’s Hey Now and up next will be Nicole and Michela along with their special guest.

Petra was eliminated in the first round followed by Nicole Frendo.

X Factor UK 2018’s edition winner Dalton Harris took the stage singing Power of Love.

The four participants have been working hard and rehearsing for Saturday’s show throughout the week, with Culture Minister Owen Bonnici paying a visit on site to watch the rehearses underway.

DOI: Anthony Sultana

Almost a thousand people pitched in, in an online poll on Newsbook.com.mt Facebook page. According to the sample from the comments, Michela Pace seems to be a winner with 42%, followed by Petra (30%), followed by Nicole (14%) and Owen (14%). Someone even suggested that the act that would represent Malta in the annual show should be composed of Owen and one of the other fellow contestants.

Michela Pace’s clip has gone viral twice on X Factor Global page on Facebook.

Nicole Frendo, the youngest finalist, has seen her clip going viral on X Factor Global.

Petra on the other hand has previously competed in the Malta Song for Europe.

The X Factor Malta judges were Howard Keith Debono, Ray Williams, Alexandra Alden and Ira Losco. Finalists Nicole Frendo and Michela Pace were mentored by Howard Keith Debono, finalist Petra was mentored by Ray Williams, while rapper Owen Leuellen was mentored by Ira Losco.

Applications for the second edition of X Factor Malta are now also open, more details may be found on X Factor Malta Facebook page.