Wrinkles & Twinkles launched online

    On Friday 20th November 2020, Karl Vella Foundation and Prisms Malta launched the website Wrinkles & Twinkles during an online event.

    The launch coincided with World Children’s Rights Day and highlighted amongst other things the right of children to sound their own voice. During the Wrinkles & Twinkles intergenerational project, the young people had the opportunity to discuss relevant themes, voice their own thoughts and emotions and create their own doodle stories. 

    The website forms part of an Erasmus+ funded project entitled ‘Wrinkles and Twinkles’, led by the Karl Vella Foundation (Malta) in collaboration with Prisms (Malta) and two international partners, namely; Anima Vita (Slovenia) and IAAD (Turkey).

    The project brought young people together experiencing a serious illness or loss within their family. The youngsters interviewed a number of elderly persons and asked them to share with them some of the most important stories of their lives – stories that fostered the youngsters with human values and coping skills. The elderly were given space to contribute to their community by sharing knowledge and wisdom obtained from their life experiences.

    Following the interviews, the children had the opportunity to discuss with their mentor a number of elicited themes and weaved them with their own difficult experiences. Consequently, the young people chose ten themes and created a doodle story for each of them. These stories were used as a basis to create a number of Toolkits which educators and psycho-social practitioners can use with their students/clients.

    Also present at this event were Minister of Education Owen Bonnici, First Lady Mrs Vella and President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

    During his speech, Bonnici commended the project and stressed the importance of intergenerational dialogue. During the event, most of the elderly that took part in the project shared their interview experience and recounted how through dialogue it was easy to highlight the fact that values transcend generations. 

    The created website captures the outcomes of this project and includes;

    • Information about the project
    • 60 tools for educators and psycho-social practitioners 
    • 10 animated videos

    KVF provides educational and psychological support to children disrupted by a serious illness or a loss of a family member. “Since March 2020, due to Covid–19, we shifted all our services online, but this did not stop us from continuing to offer a safe space where the children can express themselves and receive support to process their emotions” it said.

    KVF and Prisms Malta encourages educators and psycho-social practitioners to make use of the website’s resources with their students and/or clients. 

    This content was supplied by KVF and Prisms Malta