‘World’s worst cat’ finally finds a home

From The Guardian

Perdita, officially the “world’s worst cat” according to animal shelter officials in North Carolina who were trying to re-home the grumpy kitty, finally has a forever home.

The black and white cat – who was lovingly and good-humouredly branded a “jerk” by the Mitchell County Animal Rescue staff members – went viral after they posted her her list of likes included ‘lurking in dark corners’ and ‘fooling shelter staff into thinking she’s sick’ (apparently the vet agreed that she was ‘just a jerk)’. Her dislikes included kittens, dogs, children, the colour pink, Disney movies, Christmas and hugs.

Despite her quirks, lots of people fell in love with Perdita, with the post gaining over 10,000 likes and 9,000 shares.

The shelter said that after sorting through 175 applications and narrowing the search down to the top ten, “staff conducted interviews, checked references and made some introductions to the naughty girl. The decision was difficult as there were so many very qualified applicants. Perdita chose her adopters after a successful meet and greet that included minimal growling and very little slapping (on her part…her new cat parents are lovely and don’t growl or slap at all). We feel confident in the decision and feel that the couple’s quiet lifestyle, vast cat-experience, patience and cat appropriate house will lead to a successful transition for Perdita!”

Perdita (now Noel – which is an ironic name seeing as she dislikes Christmas) was adopted by a couple from Monroe, County, Tennesse.

What a purr-fect ending!