World Taiji Day celebrated online

The last Saturday of April marks the annual celebration of World Taiji Day, where large crowds of people usually gather together to perform Taiji and promote the health benefits that it provides to its practitioners.

Taiji is a low impact and slow motion martial art where you must breathe deeply, move through a series of motions without pausing and calm your mind.

Due to the current restrictions in place to counter the spread of Covid-19, the China Cultural Centre in Malta in collaboration with the Wang Zhanjun Taiji Association, the Malta Wushu Federation and the Malta Martial Arts Association, Malta Yang Family Taiji, Malta School of Wushu and Taiji Blue Sea, organised an online Taiji seminar delivered by the acclaimed Master Ye Xuan.

The sun was shining in Jiangsu Province, China when Master Ye Xuan appeared on everyone’s screen in a typical Chinese garden with hanging scrolls of calligraphy adorned on the walls on which the motto of the Wang Zhanjun Taiji Association was inscribed: “Inherit and pass on order, bring forth new ideas of strength, attain the Way and guide others to do the same.”

Master Ye Xuan opened the seminar by describing the value of Taiji in preventing and treating many health problems such as osteoporosis and chronic enteritis. When performing Taiji, diaphragmatic breathing is practiced whereby deep breaths are inhaled and exhaled for an extended period of time while the practitioner must maintain steady and controlled breaths. This improves oxygen intake to various organs.

Following this, Master Ye Xuan answered in detail any Taiji-related questions that the participants posed. A highlight of the seminar was watching Master Ye Xuan demonstrate his Taiji skills.

Moreover, as the seminar progressed, the participants hailing from a number of Taiji schools based in Malta demonstrated their own Taiji skills, receiving praise from the Master. The warm atmosphere during the seminar was evident and everyone shared a strong sense of unity and solidarity

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