World Record for YouTuber with Maltese parentage

YouTuber Marcel Bonnici recently was the recipient of a Guinness World Record – for the most LEGO® brick castles built in one minute.

Bonnici, who lives in Cumberland, Rhode Island in the US, built 17 castles in one minute earlier this year, earning him the world record.

Marcel Bonnici reached out to Bonnici who said: “My family is Maltese, to say the least. My father moved from Gozo to America 25 years ago but he still visits his homeland every summer (VERY loyal to his Maltese roots). This is my first summer in ten years not visiting.”

Marcel decided to attempt this record because he is an avid LEGO® YouTuber.

His YouTube channel Astonishing Studios aims to “entertain and educate curious minds through carefully designed creations with LEGO® pieces”. His channel is among the top LEGO® bricks channels.