World Aids Day: 690,000 lives lost during 2019

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Today is remembered another global epidemic, that has taken close to 33 million lives since the first diagnosis in 1981, 690,000 of which were lost in 2019 alone. Now nearing 40 years since it was declared a global epidemic, HIV is still unnecessarily taking lives, also in Malta. Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement – HIV Malta (MLRM) said this in a statement issued for World Aids Day.

MLRM said that in local terms we need  to increase testing at the GU Clinic, improve the medical regimen to make sure that all our local patients are on modern and effective treatment, and 3) ensure that preventative treatment is readily available if we want to reach UNAIDS goals 90:90:90.

Watch: World AIDS Day – I get great satisfaction helping people – Josephine Gauci, HIV nurse
Watch: “I get great satisfaction helping people” – Josephine Gauci, HIV nurse

The UNAIDS objectives is a call to reach the 90–90–90 treatment targets, to close the testing gap and to protect the health of the 22 million people living with HIV who are still not accessing treatment.

‘Today is a day where we remember those, we lost due to HIV. It is also a day where we work on a strategy to never lose another life unnecessarily. The COVID-19 taught us that society can come together to eradicate a virus. It has also shown that the health authorities have perhaps the most important responsibility of all to set the tone, create strategies and focus on achieving objectives. Finally we have learned that every life, and every pandemic, is a priority’ , the statement concluded.