Works on Marsaxlokk breakwater reach second phase

Works on a breakwater in the Qrejten area of Marsaxlokk have reached a second phase, which involves the construction of a 2.3m-high wave wall as well as a lighthouse.

The 110m breakwater, a €4 million project partly-financed through EU funds, is being built to help protect the vessels of Marsaxlokk-based fishermen in rough weather. Work on the project began last July.

In a visit to the site, Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg and Fisheries Minister Anton Refalo both stressed that the project has been long awaited, with Refalo insisting that fishermen should not have to suffer the consequences of bad weather.

Borg said that Infrastructure Malta was working to identify a suitable place for a similar structure at the other end of Marsaxlokk Bay, in Delimara, while another project to upgrade berthing pontoons in the tal-Magħluq area of Marsaxlokk is set to commence.