Works at Żurrieq social housing at advanced stage

Photo by DOI: Kevin Abela

Works on new social housing units being built in Żurrieq are at an advanced stage, said the Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes. The site in Ta’ Ċiantar Street will be converted into 25 apartments for families who are genuinely in need. The project will cost €130 million.

Minister Galdes said during a visit on-site that the project will not only be offering 25 new social housing apartments but will also include 21 garages. The apartments are being built on a 1,200 square meter site, all of which will be accessible to people with disabilities.

Galdes said that the government is no longer thinking of social housing as a project concentrated in one area, but projecting smaller buildings that aesthetically have a positive visual impact on the surrounding area.

The chief executive officer of the housing authority Leonid McKay reiterated that the Authority is ensuring that with the government’s investment in the housing sector, the situation of families who are allocated an apartment of social housing is improved in order for them to keep moving forward.

McKay mentioned the schemes introduced by the housing authority in recent months with the aim of addressing different sections of society.