Works at il-Menqa underway

MGOZ / DOI / George Scerri

Works at il-Menqa are underway, concrete was laid in continuation with the first base layer, and the first sleeves with services for properties were done as well, Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri explained in a press conference on Monday.

The works carried out so far include the installation of a new sewage system, a new chamber valve and a new reserve were also isntalled and connected with a new setting tank. Camilleri explained that the first container with porfido is expected to arrive in the coming days.

The works include the paving of various roads in porfido, the installation of new light fixtures as well as the addition of new street furniture to provide the area with a “contemporary” look.

The whole promenade will be pedestrianised with vehicular access permissible only for rendering of service.

The Marsalforn master plan project will see an investment of around €3,000,000.

Minister Camilleri said that the government was acknowledging the efforts undertaken by the private sector in the locality. The Gozo Ministry also sought to stimulate further investment to ensure competitiveness.

Minister Camilleri said that around 12,850m2 of land that shall be reserved for outdoor catering establishments.