‘Women should decide on abortion’ – Muscat

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“I am not in favour of abortion but I cannot decide for a woman,” said former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat during an interview on the TVM programme L-Erbgħa fost il-Ġimgħa. Muscat said that that he believes that it should be the woman who decides about her future although he admitted that this is a topic that requires discussion which will take time.

The former Prime Minister said that it should only be the mother to decide and that the father should not have a say. When asked about the unborn child’s rights, Muscat was evasive in his reply. Muscat also said that this is not a black or white decision but it involves an evolution of thoughts.

He also mentioned an example, that if one of his daughters, who have turned 13 on Wednesday, tells him that she got unexpectedly pregnant at the age of 18 or over, then he would be willing to respect her will to get rid of the unborn child and therefore would be willing to go against the law.

In January this year, Muscat in his farewell speech as a leader of the Labour Party, spoke in a way which several observers interpreted as being commitment that he would be advocating for the introduction of abortion.

Newsbook.com.mt reported that Muscat said that in the area of civil liberties “society has a lot of delicate discussions which need to be addressed”. He further said that “there are civil liberties where every individual, each man and above all each woman, need to be free to make their decisions freely”. 

Back in January, immediate was the reaction of Archbishop Charles Scicluna who issued a statement on Twitter saying that “Anybody who has the best interests and the civil liberties of “future generations” truly at heart will promote a culture of life and responsible love where the rights of the unborn are promoted and protected.”

On this issue Prime Minister Robert Abela, who replaced Muscat, said that he would oppose former PM Muscat if the latter had the intention to work on the legalisation of abortion.