Woman steals €20 note from elderly in Qormi bakery


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 48 year old woman was arraigned in Court accused of stealing €20 from an elderly man’s hand as she was exiting a bakery in Qormi. She pleaded not guilty for the accusations made against her.

The accused is believed to be suffering from a drug addiction, as well as currently not having a roof over her head.

The Prosecution insisted that the woman grabbed a €20 note from a man’s hand as she was exiting the bakery.  It added that the man attempted to run after her, causing him to trip and injure his face.

After the accused requested to be freed from arrest, the Prosecution objected on many bases, such as the fact that the alleged victim has not yet been put on the stand. Moreover, the accused is understood to have broken her bail’s conditions and had not signed at a police station since 14th August.

The Court denied the woman to be freed from arrest on the basis that the accused does not currently have a fixed location.