Woman injured by glass bottle in bar

A man who injured a woman by throwing a glass bottle at her on Monday was not released from custody since witnesses have yet to give testimony on the incident.

The man, an Eritrean who lives in Msida, was accused of seriously injuring the woman and using force against her and her boss, as well as insulting and threatening them.

The accused, a 31-year-old who works in a supermarket, had been prohibited from setting foot inside the bar by the owner of the bar in Marsa where the incident occurred since he has a bad reputation when drunk.

During the incident, the accused refused to leave as the bar was being closed. He threw a bottle towards the owner but did not hit him. He then threw another bottle which injured the woman who was at the bar.

The accused’s lawyer stated that the his client was not guilty since he had been drunk and had not known what he was doing.