Dar Bjorn donations reach €1 million

Updated 10:51 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A fundraising marathon is taking place today on local television stations where so far, more than €1,000,000 has been raised.

This fundraising marathon is being held to help open a second Dar Bjorn for patients with ALS and neurological conditions. The marathon started at noon and will run until midnight.

The first Dar Bjorn, in Qormi, was inaugurated in 2017 on the initiative of Bjorn Formosa, who wanted a residential facility where patients with ALS and similar conditions could live and receive free medical care. But this house can only accommodate 13 patients, while the waiting list exceeded 50 people.

Now, ALS Malta is planning to open a bigger and newer facility in Żebbuġ, which will provide more specialized beds spread over 7 floors. The cost of completing and opening the house amounts to €5 million, and so far more than €3 million has been raised.

No cure has been found for ALS so far, and Bjorn’s wish is to reach the opening of the second house that bears his name. Thus ALS Malta encourages the public to be generous and help make this initiative a reality.

The marathon is being broadcast on various TV stations: TVM, TVM2, One, Net and FLiving. You can also follow it LIVE from here.

One can find donation details here:

  • For a €20 donation call 5100 2017
  • For a €50 donation call 5190 2075
  • For an €11.65 donation send an SMS to 5061 9271
  • Pledges can be made by calling 21 311 311
  • One can also donate via BOV Mobile Pay on 7909 6249