Winners of Project Aegle Mobility competition announced

The winners of Project Aegle’s Mobility Innovation Prize Competition have been announced.

The independent mobility focused think-tank had launched the competition between the 1st September and 15th November, asking people to find ‘innovative ideas for how to improve mobility in Malta’.

The three winners are Therese Bajada, Luke Psaila and Slobodan Savic and they will be awarded prizes for their winning projects on the 24th January at the APS head office.

Therese Bajada’s idea proposes users utilising an online system allowing them to collect ‘petals’ as rewards for using modes of transport like buses and carpooling or taking part in activities that benefit the environment. ‘Petals: A System to Encourage Sustainable Mobility through Micro-Rewards and Gamification.’

Luke Psaila’s ‘Urban Room’, proposes the creation of ‘pedestrianisation’, the introduction of social spaces in towns. This is something that has been very successful in the United States.

Slobodan Savic proposes the introduction of parking charges for cars between the hours of 9AM and 7PM, as a way of reducing the number of cars on the roads and the increase in people using other forms of transport. He states that congestion on the roads and parking issues are having serious impacts on the Maltese economy and people’s health. – ‘Introduction of parking charges’