Wind of Change

Wind of Change

Tarxien Middle School recently took part in the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE 2019) competition.

YRE gives young people aged 11-25 a platform to research environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting, photography, and video journalism. Their projects engage young people to tell stories about the world and environment.

Student Mireille Bonnici submitted two photographs, together with the corresponding text.

Wind of change (pictured above) This photograph clearly shows the devastating effects of the strong gale force winds which hit Malta last February. An indigenous tree (Aleppo Pine) near our school was unfortunately uprooted. Such damage caused by natural forces are beyond our control but we can control the number of new buildings being constructed which are certainly hindering the few greenery left in our islands.

Fair with Air

Fair with Air….As trees breathe in polluted air, a new life is just beginning. Air quality in the vicinity of our school is negatively affected by heavy traffic, so the need to plant more trees is highly recommended. In fact, at our school, ERA (Environment and Resources Authority) officials have recently installed apparatus to monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) mostly produced by motor vehicles. Our school is participating in the European-wide project entitled Fair with Air at School – Citizen Science Project which involves the monitoring of air quality by students.