Watch: If my country needs me, I’m ready to consider contesting PN leadership, Bernard Grech says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

If the country and the party need me, I’m ready to consider contesting Partit Nazzjonalista’s leadership, lawyer Bernard Grech said on Saturday. He highlighted that the country is important and that one enters politics to serve the country.

Grech was interviewed on Saturday morning during Newsbook Hour hosted by Fr Joe Borg aired on 103FM Malta’s Heart. In his reply, Grech was clear when asked what would he do if the General Council decides on having a leadership contest for the members to vote.

Interview highlights

  • ‘In January, I had decided that if PN approaches me to contest, I would.’
  • ‘For me, the most important thing, is that we approach a leadership contest, in a democratic manner, in line with the statute. Depending on Friday’s decision, I will consider what steps to take next.’
  • ‘One thing is important. If the country needs me, if the party needs, but most important if the country needs me I will consider my position according to the need. We enter politics to serve the country.’
  • ‘Let me be clear, I’m not saying I want to contest a leadership contest. What am saying is that I’m ready to serve the party in any role if this is beneficial for the country. We know that there are internal problems but we have bigger and more serious problems at a national level.’
  • ‘I’ve never excluded anything in my life. Am not saying that I want to contest at all costs or that I have already decided. I will see if my country needs me first.’
  • ‘At present, I feel that both the country and the party need a uniting figure.