“Why wasn’t Il-Maqluba fire put out?” – PD

Partit Demokratiku notes its concern on the destruction of the Nature 2000 site known as Il-Maqluba and is asking why Civil Protection did not intervene to prevent it.

A stray fireworks petard let off in the area seems to be the most probable cause of the fire which started on Tuesday.

A large area of the protected site has been charred, as the fire was still left unattended by Wednesday

Il-Maqluba is a unique geomorphological formation of the Maltese Islands and supports important natural habitats and species, amongst which the Bay Laurel tree and a number of other rare species of plants and fungi.

It is also a nesting area for the national bird – the Blue Rock thrush locally known as il-Merill.

MEPA had scheduled the site in 2009 and afforded the area further protection in 2016.