Who’s getting the cash?

The Dubai Expo will be getting twice the funds allocated for the Gozo Hospital

A cursory look at the line items of the financial estimates gives a good idea of the main winners in the annual race for government funds.

The Ministry for Education was one of the major beneficiaries of the national coffers. Its vote increased by €23 million over the previous year. The ministries for Justice and that of Home Affairs and National Security too were major beneficiaries: €21 million and €17.3 million respectively. Gozo, Environment and Climate Change and Ambjent Malta were the least persuasive in requesting funds with Ambjent Malta registering a decrease in its allocation.

Meanwhile, one of the initiatives which seems set to be very high profile next year is the National Strategy against Diabetes. This strategy will receive €3.5 million in funds, a seven-fold increase over the previous year. The Strategy on Obesity too will have its expenditure doubled to €180,000. In the Health sector, medicines and surgicals will cover a cost of €129 million.

Malta will be forking €400,000 to space research fund and a further €400,000 to Cannabis Educationals Reform. The Business Inspection co-ordination unit will triple its funding to €150,000. The Gozo private-public hospital will double its expenditure to €1.2 million while the Expo in Dubai will have more than double the share of the Gozo hospital: €2.8 million. Child care will be receiving €25 million, an increase of €7 million. The Maltese spell checker will receive funding of €1.8 million while a pilot project on blockchain records will get a funding of €600,000.