Who spent more on Facebook advertising?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

This week Newsbook.com.mt takes another look at how PN leadership candidates’ communication performed on social media. Digital media and marketing expert Dr Franco Curmi was consulted for the interpretation on the findings.

Dr Curmi estimates that there are around 80% of party members who are connected to social media, so he believes that the candidate’s ability to communicate online is key in this campaign. Besides this, observing how people react, or do not react, to the messages says a lot about how well received the messages the candidates publish are.

The data below is based on social media activity between Saturday 12th and Friday 18th. This is the last snapshot before early voting starts this Friday.

Significant difference in advertising spent

This week Facebook Page Transparency shows a significant difference in the advertising spend that the two campaigns spent on Facebook and Instagram. Dr. Adrian Delia spent €860, which is more than double that of Dr. Bernard Grech, who spent only €408.

Both candidates had a positive growth on their Facebook pages with 53 new followers for Dr Delia and 930 for Dr. Grech. Dr. Delia started the week with 29,417-page likes that were summed over the span of the last 3 years, while Dr. Grech started the week with 21,309-page likes. On average both candidates published 5 messages a day each this week.

Top 10 messages this week

Again, we adopt a simple way to compare the reaction that messages created among the social media community. We sort the messages that the candidates published on social media this week with messaged that created most reactions first.

Also included are messages posted by PM Robert Abela, as he is the future challenger for the prospective Opposition Leader.

How did the community react this week?

Consistent with last week’s data, Dr. Delia had more people resharing the messages (69) in contrast with (56) reshares for each message on average. On the other hand, Dr. Grech’s messages generated much more reactions, comments and likes (34,478 vs 26,753) even though Dr. Grech’s page is still smaller than the incumbent Dr. Delia and has spent less than half on social media advertising.

These suggest that while the core group for Dr. Delia, that is those who are ready to reshare every post, might be slightly larger, his campaign seems to find it difficult into getting messages out to resonated with the broader community outside of these core supporters. This highlight has been consistent over the last 3 weeks and could be one key determining factor in the result.

Recap of the previous weeks: