WHO experts arrive in China to investigate the Covid-19 origins

Chinanews.com / China News Service - Wiki Commons

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

An international team of World Health Organization scientists arrived in the central Chinese city of Wuhan to investigate the origin of the coronavirus.

The group arrived from Singapore this morning and was expected to be in quarantine for two weeks. They were due to arrive earlier this month, and delays in China approving their visit have led to public criticism from WHO.

Upon arrival in Wuhan City, the experts did not speak to reporters.

The United States, which accused China of hiding the initial spread of the virus a year ago, called for a “transparent” WHO-led investigation and criticised the terms of reference of the visit.

The team arrived amidst increased reports in China of new cases in its North East of the country after it managed for months to reduce domestic infections.

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