Whistleblower’s Act to be revised by end 2021

Repubblika states whistleblowers are ‘systematically threatened and intimidated’

Kevin Abela (DOI)

The Whistleblower’s Act is set to be revised by the end of the year to implement an EU directive seeking to strengthen protection for individuals who report infringements of EU law.

Justice Minister Edward Lewis pledged that the directive would be transposed into Maltese legislation by the end of December.

This deadline, however, failed to impress Repubblika. The NGO welcomed the fact that the process had finally begun, but Malta lagged behind most EU members, and the deadline set by the government was no earlier than the final deadline set by the EU.

Repubblika also observed that whistleblowers in Malta were systematically threatened and intimidated, and that a change in law was necessary to protect those who help the rule of law in Malta.

It called on the government to publish a bill as soon as possible so that a serious consultation could take place. It pledged to participate in the process “to stop once and for all the systematic abuse and threats to whistleblowers or potential witnesses who today remain silent because the government deprives them of the protection to which they are entitled if they speak.”