Whipped into action after fuming PN MPs vent to Newsbook


Newsbook.com.mt has just received information that next Monday at 13:30h a meeting of the Parliamentary group has been convened by the Party Whip. Several MPs have been in contact over the past minutes, interpreting this move as a reaction to the earlier article issued by Newsbook.com.mt on the seeming unwillingness to convene the Parliamentary group so long after the disastrous showing at the polls almost two weeks ago.

Party whip Robert Cutajar said that he had had no request by any MP or group of MPs to convene the PN Parliamentary Group “with or without Dr Delia” underlined the party whip. He further explained that a number of MPs had approached him with travel arrangements and, for this reason, had advised the party leader to ensure that the meeting is held when all MPs can be available. Cutajar noted that the recent days had been very hectic ones in parliament with long sittings and committees and the parliamentary agenda had been set since the second week of April. He observed that given the quick succession of events between Easter, recess, and elections, MPs had hardly had time to catch their breath. Moreover, parliament had been abruptly suspended by government well in advance of elections.

Meanwhile, earlier PN MPs were fuming as no meeting had been envisaged or planned for the forthcoming days.