‘Where freedom of speech has come to die’ – Occupy Justice

Alessandra Dee Crespo

Occupy Justice activists, Wednesday afternoon, mourned what they described as the passing away of freedom of speech. In a mock commemorative ceremony, the activists laid flowers and candles in front of the Ministry of Justice where, they said ‘freedom of speech has come to die.

The protest came hot on the heels of a strongly worded statement by the Aditus foundation which called the systemic cleansing of the Daphne Memorial as ‘shameful, childish and populist’

Occupy Justice said that the primary duty of the Minister of Justice is to uphold freedom of speech in the country. Instead, they said, he sits in his office ‘gives order for a systematic cleansing of people’s voices’. A nation which suppresses its citizens is a nation which kills its soul, warned the activists as they protested impunity and corruption. They reaffirmed that the Daphne memorial, a makeshift affair at the feet of those who gave their lives for their country, was intended as a daily reminder that ‘there is no rule of law in Malta’. The systemic cleansing, they said was nothing but an attempt ‘to blatantly suppress freedom of speech’ .

The activists said that the sudden need for the ‘restoration’ of the monument is not about aesthetics, health and safety or illegality but about censorship. Addressing the Prime Minister, they concluded that no systemic cleansing will blind the people to the erosion of democracy, truth, justice and freedom.