What would you like to ask Chris Fearne?

The Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne is aspiring to become the Leader of the Labour Party. Would it make any difference to you who leads, if you’re a Labourite? But if Fearne gets elected, he will also become Prime Minister. If you are Maltese, what Fearne thinks and what he would like to do, should interest you, because it is going to impact you closely.

Newsbook.com.mt  and 103 are giving you the chance to get to know better what Fearne is onto while also giving you to opportunity to let Fearne know what you think.

Send your questions, comments, suggestions and ideas on ask@newsbook.com.mt and we will voice them to the Deputy Prime Minister during an interview which will be aired LIVE on Newsbook.com.mt on Friday 20th December 2019 at 4pm and again the following day on 103FM at 9:00am.

In the email you send us, it is important to communicate your identity. If, however, you would not like your identity to be made public during the programme, we will make sure not to publish it on air. Your questions and comments will be treated with utter confidentiality if you so request

If there would not be anymore time to voice your particular questions and comments, we will make sure to deliver them to the Deputy Prime Minister in order to make sure that your interventions reach him.

Your deadline for any questions, comments or suggestions is this Friday at noon.

Send an email on ask@newsbook.com.mt  or you can comment hereunder.