What would you ask the President and Mrs Vella?

Live interview on newsbook.com.mt & 103

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Dr George Vella’s Presidency had a turbulent start, amidst one of the most complicated political crises in Malta. What were these days like for Dr & Mrs Vella? How did the Presidency change their daily life so far, if at all?

President George Vella and Mrs. Vella will be interviewed live on Newsbook.com.mt on Thursday at 2.00p.m. 

Both will be answering the questions of Fr Joe Borg and Sylvana Debono. 

But Newsbook.com.mt and 103 are giving you the chance to get to know better the President and Mrs. Vella.

Send your questions, comments and suggestions on  ask@newsbook.com.mt and we will voice them to the President and Mrs. Vella during the interview which will be aired LIVE on Newsbook.com.mt on Thursday 23th January 2019 at 2.00 pm and again the following day on 103FM at 1.00p.m.

In the email you send us, it is important to communicate your identity. If, however, you would not like your identity to be made public during the programme, we will make sure not to publish it on air. Your questions and comments will be treated with utter confidentiality if you so request

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