Watch: PN to decide way forward next Thursday – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Next Thursday the Nationalist Party will decide on the way forward, stated PN leader Adrian Delia during an interview conducted by Fr Joe Borg on 103. The PN leader said that as next Thursday the PN Executive will hold another meeting a decision on the current situation and the way forward for the party need to be decided.

At its last meeting, which took place on Tuesday evening, Delia lost a vote of confidence among the executive committee members, days after he lost one amongst the members of the PN’s parliamentary group.

During the interview with Fr Joe Borg, Adrian Delia said that if the PN members do not want him then he will not stay because he will respect their decision as he has have always did, said Delia.

When directly asked on this position following the vote of confidence he lost twice in a week, the PN leader explained that the Executive Committee of the PN does not decide on who should or should not be the party’s leader. Adrian Delia said that the vote in the Parliamentary Group and within the PN Executive Committee are not the right fora where to decide on the future of the PN leader.

Delia also admitted that even if he manages to get a higher percentage of votes from the party’s members it be hard to convince the hard-headed MPs who do not want him as PN leader. He also mentioned that no man alone can lead a political party but needs co-operation.

Messages exchanged with Yorgen Fenech

PN and Opposition leader Adrian Delia, again confirmed he exchanged messages with Yorgen Fenech, confirmed he met with him before the name of Fenech emerged as the owner of the Dubai secret company, 17 Black but again denied he ever received money from Yorgen Fenech and that he met him after the name of Yorgen Fenech was revealed as the owner of 17 Black.

Adrian Delia said that the most important issue is to mention that Fenech had close ties with those who were in power and not with the leader of the Opposition.

PL’s lead over PN stands 4% more than 2017 election

Fr Joe Borg quoted a survey recently published which showed that the Labour Party enjoys a 29-percentage point lead over the Nationalist Party on the question as to which party is best to resolve national issues.

The survey was conducted by MISCO for CD eNEWS Agency which indicates that the gap between the two parties has widened from 11% to 15% since the 2017 elections. The survey also shows that Robert Abela has a lead of 45 percentage points over Adrian Delia as to who voters believe is more suitable to be Malta’s Prime Minister.

Delia replied that he did not have the document Fr Joe is quoting from but that he is aware that survey after another show that people want the Labour Party. He then referred to the 2017 general election which the PN lost with around 40,000 votes and that despite the high levels of corruption the country was and is still facing the people are voting for the Labour Party.

In his concluding comments Adrian Delia said if the part members do not want him to remain then he will not waste a single day fighting to hold his position as the PN leader because all of his decision are intended towards the best interest of the PN.

On Saturday afternoon, Delia stated on Facebook that the thousands who support the Nationalist Party and who urge him not to give in to conspiracies and conspiracies, do so because they do not want the Nationalist Party to be taken by the hands of the many and seized by the few.

He added that those who support them are the workers, the young, the elderly, the small and small and medium entrepreneurs. “For them I work. For them I will continue to serve with courage and determination.”

L-eluf li jappoġġjaw lill-Partit Nazzjonalista u li jħeġġuni biex ma nċedix quddiem konfoffi u konġuri, jagħmlu dan għax…

Posted by Adrian Delia on Saturday, July 18, 2020