What will happen to balloons, confetti and plastic bags?

Wojtek Mich, Unsplash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister for the Environment Josè Herrera presented a document for public consultation on the government’s strategy on plastic.

In a press conference at Għar Lapsi on Friday, Herrera announced that balloons, confetti and plastic bags will be banned from shops starting from 2020.

Other incentives mentioned by the Minister include the introduction of sections around supermarkets where food is not pre-packed. He also mentioned the plastic bottle refund scheme.

Whilst explaining that the strategy has 23 principal measures Herrera emphasised on the reduction in amounts of the ten most used plastic items.

According to the document:

Until 2020:

  • Restrictions on the use of plastic wristbands for public activities and resorts;
  • Separate garbage containers in all the locations situated along the coastline, camp sites, picnic sites and tourist areas.

Until 2022:

  • Plastic bag tax will increase and they will no longer be distributed for free from shops;
  • Restriction and substitution of polystyrene in the fishing industry;
  • Tobacco manufacturers have to supply ashtrays that will be placed in bays around Malta and Gozo.

The strategy document is avaiable to the public for scrutiny fo the next six weeks.