Parents on social media come to the rescue

What to do with the children at home? Parents are banding together online to share ideas and resources.

kids playing with paint

As from yesterday, schools in the Maltese Islands have been closed because of the Covid-9 situation. That means that there are currently thousands of parents scratching their heads and trying to think of how to entertain their children for the week (or weeks) ahead.

But fear not, a number of parents online have decided to make the best of the situation and are coming up with some brilliant ways how not to go stir-crazy while shut inside with their children.

Charmaine Attard, who is a Kindergarten Assistant at Hamrun SS Primary School and mum to an eight-year-old, has set up a Facebook page where parents may share resources, links and ideas of how to keep their children occupied.

Speaking to, Attard said that she is: “trying to empower positive vibes through social media while keeping students indoors with creative ideas. I didn’t know it was going to be such a hit in less than 24 hours and I’m so grateful for the sharing of ideas form both guardians and educators. Everyone is doing their best and it is awesome. We all are doing our best and it’s beautiful to see so many dedicated educators and guardians who take this lock down opportunity as room for home learning. Quality time with a twist!”

The response to Attard’s page have been overwhelming, with over 4,200 members in 24 hours. Members are pitching in and giving their own ideas for indoor play and educational activities, as well as resources that they have found on the internet.

In the meantime a number of educators are also sharing resources and ideas on their Facebook pages, such as Juniper Francalanza from San Andrea School who shared a photo of a ‘Corona virus shut down’ schedule for her children, entitled: “When you are a teacher and have four children facing two weeks inside together”.

She told “My kids were asking me what the plan was, so after the third request I decided for everyone’s mental health to come up with a rough schedule. A very quick rough draft at 7 am today.” Francalanza also said that she also plans to post some fun activities for geography and history.

Do you have any ideas/resources that you would like to share with parents? Send them via email to and we may feature them in future articles.