What have local business leaders been reading?

Business leaders of some of Malta’s biggest organisations reveal which books have kept them occupied over the summer.

Digital Leaders ANCHOVY. have embarked on a mission by reaching out to local corporate leaders with intentions of promoting inspiration to audiences and personalised insights have been gathered through the eyes of local business leaders.

When asked about the project, ANCHOVY. said, “It’s been a tough year for everyone for obvious reasons. However we are firm believers of reaping out positivity from any kind of situation. It was the perfect opportunity for many of us who wound up at home over the previous months to finally catch up with our reading. We found it very interesting to learn and share what books the leaders of the local business world have been perusing.”

With a multitude of respondents, one can easily feel inspired and use the content for their own benefit.

For access to this inspired knowledge, one can click on the site provided in the link here.

This content was supplied by ANCHOVY.