What goes on behind the closed doors of St Vincent de Paul?

A number of Maltese families entrust their elderly into the care of St Vincent de Paul residence and others would have no other option. Details of abuse or other illegal acts that occur in this residency are sometimes exposed in the media but what is the reality of this situation?

According to the Police, between January and August of this year, 14 criminal acts were reported in this residency, with the most common being the damage caused by various hit and runs.

Between 2013 and 2015 there were cases ranging from physical and verbal abuse to negligence of the elderly while in 2016 there was a health concern with an infestation of rats.

Last April, Minister Michael Falzon said in Parliament that there was a total of 1,093 elderly at St Vincent de Paul residence and in 2017 there were less than 422 nurses.

The most recent case which mentioned St Vincent de Paul in the media was the direct order €274 million towards a project to fund an extension to the residency.

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