What did Gozitans have to say about the Malta-Gozo tunnel?

In the findings of the social impact assessment as requested by Transport Malta, it found that various Gozitans reportedly said that it was not fair if the number of Maltese had to increase once the tunnel between the two islands is in place. Others commented that it was impossible to have a stable job in Malta and commute daily between the two islands.

Newsbook.com.mt acquired a copy of the social impact assessment report through a freedom of information request. The sample of people who have participated in the study were non-randomly chosen and the data was collected during the period December 2016 and February 2017. The study found that the majority of Gozitans interviewed were in favour of the permanent link between the two islands

Gozitans said that it was not fair that the number of Maltese increased due to the tunnel which would connect the two islands together. Others who are in favour of the links said that it was impossible for one to have a stable job in Malta but have to commute daily between the two islands.

Among those interviewed, one finds Gozitans, Gozitan students residing in Malta, and Gozitan businessmen in a non-random sample.

What did the people have to say?

You cannot work on an island where there is no activity from Sunday evening to Friday morning – Gozitan businessman

My son would like to read for medicine or pharmacy, however it’s impossible for him to commute daily using the ferry, the family would separate, and I would see him less – Gozitan resident

Once a Gozitan finds employment, they would buy a place in Malta after realizing how much time is wasted on commuting. – Gozitan resident

A Gozitan businessman always has to keep in mind the ferry schedule. One would have to leave a meeting abruptly not to miss the ferry. We’re constantly anxious that we might miss our ferry. – Gozitan businessman

We’ve got relatives in Malta who we miss. Time is precious but we waste a lot of time waiting for the ferry. I feel that am being disrespectful in their regards, but there is not much that I can do. – Gozitan resident

Gozo is a closed community, same people, and those who work within the community can’t do everything, we need youth that come over and work here and bring with them new ideas – Gozitan resident

If you want to succeed in life, you need to live in Malta. How many times will you commute back and forth from Gozo using the ferry? It’s impossible to have a good and stable employment in Malta and use the ferry. If you could drive, you would quickly arrive. No wind, rain or queue would stop you – Gozitan resident

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