What are the thousands of kilos of drugs confiscated in Malta since 2013?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Thousands of kilos of drugs have been confiscated by the Malta Customs Department since the beginning of 2013 until April 2019.

This emanates from statistics tabled by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna in Parliament, provided following a parliamentary question put forward by Member of Parliament Claudio Grech.

The highest amount of drug confiscated by the Police was cannabis, amounting to 16,176 kilograms. 20,400 ecstasy pills were also confiscated, 1,970 kilograms khat and 1,266 kilograms cocaine. Meanwhile, 150 grams heroin were also confiscated.

According to statistics, the year in which most drugs were confiscated was 2018, where 184.7 kilograms cocaine were confiscated, amounting to a value of €18 million. A further 15,922 kilograms of cannabis were seized, amounting to a value of €28.5 million.

The year in which the highest amount of cocaine was confiscated was 2019, where between the months of January and April, 750 kilograms of cocaine were confiscated, amounting to a total value of more than €86 million. Meanwhile, the highest amount of ecstasy was confiscated by Customs in 2013, where a total of 20,000 pills were confiscated. It appears that there are no statistics about its total value since this type of data started being recording from 2016 onwards.