“What are our health officers doing?”

Association tabulates the countless tasks being undertaken

uffiċjali tas-saħħa ambjentali
MEHOA / Facebook

The Malta Environmental Health Officers Association (MEHOA), the Association which represents Sanitary Health Officers, has stated that the pandemic has brought about chaos, with workload soaring through the roof. MEHOA was reacting to a comment made on an article which saw a product being taken off the market for health reasons. The person asked, “where were the health officers?”

It explained that from the very beginning of the pandemic, Environmental Health Officers left their work routine and began working tirelessly on measures such as quarantine, travel restrictions, closure of shops, measures and protocols to reopen shops, mask-wearing restrictions, limitations on the number of people in groups, together with handling thousands of quarantined emails and even more recently, direct involvement in issuing the quarantine letters themselves.

MEHOA noted that there have been over 20,000 COVID-19 related spot checks, with more than 670 fines issued. It added that normal day-to-day tasks also continued, including the necessary permits and withdrawal of food products form the market, with more than 40 products taken off the Maltese market.

“All of this was done without much fanfare, in sometimes dangerous situations and with limited human resources, but it was done with pride,” the Association remarked. It emphasised that it is proud of the work done and still being done by all its members.