What about…? YMCA’s new initiative for teenagers

Nowadays, it seems that the inability for people to engage in healthy debate is arguably one of the hallmarks of our present age. The symptoms of this crisis can be observed in the political sphere, in the traditional media, but most especially in social media platforms. 

Stigmatisation, character assassination, name-calling, labelling, and speech which ultimately leads to the discrimination and ostracisation of minority groups, are symptomatic of people who are unable to discuss an idea and/or societal challenges in an open and non-judgmental manner.  

YMCA believes that this trend may be reversed only if the younger generations can go beyond this new form of discourse and learn the benefits of healthy discussions & debates.

YMCA’s youth empowerment team is kicking-off an online-based initiative that aims at engaging teenagers and providing them with the appropriate space to discuss topics of personal and civic interest.

The aim of this project is to foster an environment for school-age teenagers which may be conducive to healthy discussions. Topics of national and international relevance will be used as a springboard to guide these discussions.

This will be done by creating a safe space where school-age adolescents are encouraged to express their opinions, while being open to other perspectives in the group. 

Through the creation of these spaces, YMCA would like to facilitate teenagers’ critical thinking and collaborative learning skills. Topics that will be used to facilitate these discussions are those related to the environment, culture, current news/events, and personal development and career development. 

The deadline for guardians and/or teenagers to express their interest in participating in these discussion groups is Friday 29th May.

For more information, you may email: info@ymcamalta.org or call on tel. no: 27674278.