Wet wipes disposal in toilets is causing blockages – WSC


Wet wipes disposal in toilets is causing a blockages to Gozo’s sewage system, so much so, that the sewage overflowed into the sea at Xatt l-Aħmar in Gozo on Saturday, according to a spokesperson for the Water Service Corporation (WSC).

Footage of sewage coming from the fields and overflowing to the sea was sent to Newsbook.com.mt.

The blockage in the drainage system led to the overflow in Għajnsielem. The spokesperson for WSC told this newsroom that employees of the Corporation went on site and manually saw to the problem explaining that to date there was no access to vehicles.

He further explained that the blockage was caused by disposal of waste which should have not been disposed of in toilets. He admitted that the problem was becoming frequent with the most popular culprit being wet wipes. He reminded that such items should not be disposed of in toilets because they were causing problems to the sewage system.