We’re under partial lockdown, says Abela

Robert Abela

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Following the closure of schools, the Law Courts and other institutions, Malta is under a partial lockdown, Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela said during an interview on Sunday.

Speaking on Partit Laburista TV station, Abela mainly spoke about the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. Various entities have called on the government to go on total lockdown to minimise the spread of coronavirus. Until now, all those who have tested positive to Covid-19 were either in high risk countries or abroad. All cases have been “imported” and to date none of those cases resulted from a local transmission.

Abela said that the precautionary measures being taken were proportionate to the situation at hand. He maintained that if the country had to go under a total lockdown now, then the results would be “catastrophic”. He added that those urging for a lockdown haven’t distinguished between a partial or a total lockdown. A total lockdown would mean that the public is confined to their homes and can only leave their home to buy food and medicine. Abela warned that a lockdown situation can go on for months.

Abela said that when the health authorities will deem it the right time for a national lockdown, this will be ordered. He said that the current closure of institutions was adequate and in proportion to the current situation. Abela noted that the schools were not closed due to an early holiday and children should not be in groups playing outside.

The Labour leader said that the government was well-prepared. He referred to a press conference by the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne in which he briefed the nation about Mater Dei Hospital’s preparedness for Covid-19.

Abela said that the government has been preparing for this situation in case it gets worse. He remarked that it was better to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared.

The Labour leader said that the public was cooperating with the instructions being given by the health authorities. He also reminded the public that anyone caught breaching mandatory quarantine orders will be fined €1,000.

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