We’re taking the party back to its roots, Delia says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that through this reform process, the party is being taken back to its roots. Addressing party supporters at Żabbar club, Delia said that the reform process was not a top-down approach but a process which will see the active participation of all party activists.

“The PN needs all those individuals who can dedicate their time and energy, in this moment of need,” Delia told party activists. He thanked Clyde Puli for having served as Secretary General as well as incoming Secretary General Francis Zammit Dimech and newly appointed General Council president Censu Galea. Delia said that one should be “eternally grateful” to these individuals who have offered their services to the party.

Speaking about the executive committee meeting which took place on Saturday, Delia said that the meeting served as an opportunity to discuss the reforms necessary to regenerate the party and include more youths within its ranks. He thanked Louis Galea, a former MP and party veteran who was tasked with the reform process. This year, Partit Nazzjonalista will mark its 140th anniversary. Delia stressed that this should be an occasion to say that the party is “140 years young”. He added that the goal was to renew the party within this year.

Taking the party to the roots did not only mean changing the party’s statute, but ensuring that members are part of this process, Delia explained.

“Not only you want change, but you’ll be the change,” Delia told the activists gathered.

The Nationalist leader mentioned a meeting which happened late last week between the Council of Europe special rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt and the government for which former Justice Minister Owen Bonnici was present. Delia said that while Omtzigt lambasted Bonnici for not delivering on the justice reform, Prime Minister Robert Abela appointed him as Education Minister.

Delia referred to the ongoing investigation over overtime abuse within the Traffic Unit. He said that while former Police Minister Michael Farrugia dismissed calls to shoulder political responsibility, a different measure was used in the case of Justyne Caruana.

“What is the difference between Farrugia and Caruana?” Delia asked. “What does Michael Farrugia know that Caruana didn’t?”

He also spoke about the hospital privatisation deal, promising that he will continue the legal battle until the hospitals are returned to the state.